Vortex Auto Adjusting Friction Feeder Model 1200L (2 avail)

Vortex Auto Adjusting Friction Feeder
Model 1200L

Unit A
s/n 040803

Unit B
s/n 040804

High-speed, Auto-adjusting Friction Feeder

Warranty cards, business cards, instruction sheets, product information, and promotional materials
Product manuals, magazines, brochures, sleeved compact discs, folded instruction sheets
Difficult to feed materials like embossed credit cards, nested backers and delicate sheets
Automates product feed into wrappers, conveyors, vacuum tables, and cartoners


Auto adjusting results in high reliability
Improves productivity by eliminating feed errors
Eliminates the need for special operator skill
Ideal for collating with perpendicular feeds
Load low discharge high (high discharge models)
No operator adjustment for thickness
Easy set up and changeover
Simple knob adjustment for product width
Built in auto-loading infeed table with better operator ergonomics


General feeder for pouches, magnets, credit card, and pharmaceutical inserts.
Minimum part size 2 x 2 in.
Maximum parts size 12 x 12 in.
Horizontal motorized in-feed eliminates gravity effect.
4 x 6 in. parts at 750 parts per minute.
8.5 x 11 in. parts at 350 parts per minute.
Operator interface with membrane keypad and LCD graphical display.


The Vortex™ is designed for a higher standard of reliablity and performance that businesses expect out of their investment. This new technology achieves higher productivity due to its reliable and robust design.

The Vortex™ Auto Adjusting Friction Feeder™ eliminates many of the problems associated with current state of the art friction feeders. Being completely auto-adjusting for product thickness, the Vortex™ eliminates time-consuming and skill dependent operator set-up and testing for product changeover. The auto-adjust design results in a highly reliable and robust feeder that assures the best throughput and efficiency available.

Unlike competitor?s friction feeders that use high friction forces to pull the product off the bottom of a high-pressure product stack, the Vortex™ uses a patent pending low-shear feeding technique that gently lifts the product into the feed and separation area. This means that the Vortex™ is not sensitive to the amount of product in the stack.

Also the Vortex™ reliably feeds and controls products that cannot be fed in friction feeders, without marking or damage. This includes softer paper products, embossed products and even some nested materials.


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