Rheon second filling feeder

Rheon second filling feeder

I'm pleased you picked us to ask about the Rheon item, although officially I am supposed to refer you to your local Rheon office.
Rheon USA are located in Orange County CA for your future reference.

What you have there is a second filling feeder.
The standard Rheon encrusting machine has two hoppers - the outside casing and the inside filling.
The item you have allows a second filling to be used as well along with the correct compound head adaptor for the particular model encrusting machine (which you don't appear to have. Its a long proboscis that goes down the middle of the machines head to conveyor the second filling into the formed product).
eg: the Kellogs twist bar has two ropes twisted together, each with their own flavoured filling.
eg: a hot dog with meat inside the bun, and down the middle of the meat could be mustard or tomatoe sauce.

It can also be used as a simple volumetric pump to feed a depositor - perhaps for depositing custard onto a sheet line which might be then rolled or folded and cut into lengths to make scrolls or pastry delights of some kind.

Being the unit is 200 volt, its made as an accessory to another Rheon machine as its made to plug into it. ie: it cannot be used on its own unless you were to use a transformer from your three phase supply.
(all Rheon equipment is Japanese 200volt. Then they build-in a transformer for whatever country its going to. Allows them to keep small motors and compact design without redesigning for every country's voltage).

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